Sheltons assistance to foreign businesses

Establishing businesses in Australia, Denmark, Malta and the UK

  1. The services we provide
  2. Our success
The services we provide
  • Advice and assistance with all aspects of the businesses structure, covering legal, tax and commercial considerations
  • Full range of management, administration and support services
  • Supplying a wide range of administration services, including bookkeeping and regular reporting, preparing full annual financial statements and reports and providing offices support
  • Payroll administration
  • VAT and similar administration
  • Opening and operating bank accounts
  • Preparing the annual corporate income tax return
  • Attending to all other tax related compliance matters
  • Company secretarial assistance
  • Instructing and liaising with the company's auditors
Our success
Our success has many causes, but the following factors are especially important:
  • Using in-house resources, we supply top level advice and assistance on accounting, tax and company law matters. We pride ourselves in our rapid, well focused and technically accurate responses.
  • An independent network works best: it is more commonly recognised that suppliers of business and tax services need not be part of a global accounting firm network. Many business managers understand that independent firms such as Sheltons can demand better service from the the large accounting firm networks throughout the world than the other offices of the same accounting firm network - we, unlike those other offices, are not a 'captive client'.
  • The general practitioner can't perform heart operations: internationally-owned businesses are affected by rules, issues and complications that the vast majority of domestically-orientated advisors are not aware of - we are specialists.
  • Smarter purchasing of services: purchasers of services have become more sophisticated. No longer do businesses automatically purchase all their services from the foreign offices of their accounting firm network. They purchase from the most competent supplier.
Independent international network

We have a well-developed network of (international) advisors throughout the world - including the largest accounting and law firms, smaller firms, academics, tax office officials and others.

We instruct and work with any of the accounting, law or other firms throughout the world - and we are accustomed to top level service from these firms when engaging them on behalf of our clients.

In collaboration with our client or the client's existing accountants, tax advisers, or lawyers, we select the best foreign advisor for the particular matter.

Our network is informal. Our contacts are motivated to do their best and to meet our stringent demands. They are aware that we are not obliged to use them for tax consulting services (a situation which is not quite the same with the global accounting firms).


Houston, USA

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03-05 November 2014 INFO

London, U.K.

Blue Course - International Taxation Planning & Principles
17-21 November 2014 INFO

Berlin, Germany

Interpretation & Application of Tax Treaties
26-28 November 2014 INFO

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Oil and Gas Course: Upstream Oil and Gas and International Taxation Course
01-03 December 2014 INFO
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