Silver Course - Advanced International Taxation Planning & Principles

19-23 May 2014
Mexico City, Mexico

The Silver course provides participants with an in depth review of international tax principles, following on from the Blue course. The Silver course explains to participants the more advanced issues in tax treaty interpretation, and looks at more advanced structuring possibilities of hybrid securities and hybrid entities. The course covers tax treaties in depth, hybrid entities, hybrid financing, tax efficient financing and holding companies and includes substantial case study work.

The Silver course is focused on tax planning opportunities, and explains the principles of tax efficient financing and international tax planning for holding companies. The case studies are focused on the best solutions for tax planning, and include funding strategies for multinational groups, and selection of international holding companies.

You can attend the course for the full week, or you can enrol for one of two phases:

Phase One – Advanced International Tax Treaties and Hybrid Entities (Days one and two). This includes international tax treaties interpretation (at a more in depth level than that covered in the Blue Course) as well as hybrid entities, hybrid instruments. This includes various case studies.

Phase Two – Tax Efficient Financing and International Holding Companies (Days three to five). This includes a full day of various case studies covering all Silver Course topics. This includes various case studies.


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